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Founder / Artist / Dreamer

What started as a crazy idea has now become one of my most treasured adventures.

When I began Pink Moon Farm in 2019, I had no prior experience of growing, cutting or creating with flowers. But similar to the Nigel's amplifier in 'Spinal Tap', I go to eleven. I threw myself into my dream of creating art, being a small business owner and a female entrepreneur. 

Growing up I always wanted to be an artist. Shoot- I even went to school for it. But never in a million years did I expect my medium to be flowers. But here we are....

Pink Moon Farm is both my farm and art studio. It is filled with all of my favorite flowers and textures, which I use in all my designs. Whether it is a fresh arrangement, an everlasting wreath or some other wild idea, my art and my field are inseparable. 



About Us: Our Farm
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